Mother Beats Infant Child, Gets Away With it and Brags to Father

There’s a Casey Anthony type situation going down in Australia, and the media is abusing this story to try and raise some kind of subconscious support for the CPS-type agency that takes children into custody in the country.

Apparently a mother beat her 8 month old daughter in a violent outburst, and she bragged about being able to avoid jail time.

Lorien Norman of Adelaide, Australia was given a suspended jail sentence and nothing but a $500 fine in September of last year.

She pleaded guilty to beating her infant child Evie with a kitchen serving spoon. The attack resulted in Evie being hospitalized, with bruises to the nose and cheeks, eyes, and worse.

For some reason, the maximum sentence in Australia for this kind of crime is 13 years in prison, though lawmakers love to steal children from parents who are in fact loving and not abusive, and they are pushing for the ability to do that worse by publicizing cases like this that seem to justify the state stealing children from parents.

The 26 year old abusive mother received a “two year good behavior bond” and simply a small fine. The father of the baby that was attacked, Shane McMahon reported that after Lorien was sentenced, she bragged to him about getting away with it in text messages.

Her messages say:

“So, I’m not going to jail. What’s your next move?

I’ll send you photos in October. Cute family photos of myself, Indi, Evie, my sister, her partner and my nephew Hudson.

Even with everyone on social media against me, I still made it. And I’ll be having part custody within a year.”

The father was shocked. He replied:

“I’m disgusted – I’m truly speechless. Where is Evie’s justice?

I’ve raised both these girls [Evie and India – the second child he had with Lorien] single handedly, and she gets 10 months of a sentence that carries a maximum of 13 years!”

Naturally McMahon mentioned that he thinks his daughter could suffer from trauma from the attack and abuse she has suffered for years.

He continued:

“Mentally she hasn’t been cleared, because it’s too early in a baby’s life to determine what the exact mental repercussions will be.

She’s going to have to have extensive mental rehabilitation down the track, but the concern is, what upsets her most, is she doesn’t like anything near her face.

My other daughter has a soft ball and if it goes anywhere near her or near her face she cowers, so she knows what she’s been through and she’s well aware she’s been hurt.”

The poor girl can’t even get a haircut because she is scared of things being near her face, her dad admitted. He added that her physical health is back to normal thankfully.

Shane said:

“She’s fantastic. It’s 12 months on and she’s been given the all clear physically by the pediatricians, so there’s no long-term affect on the physical structure of her bones.

Before she got here she was quite timid, shy and scared, but she’s come into her own little world – she runs the place now.

She’s just a cheeky little monkey running around without her nappy, climbing up on the bench when she’s not supposed to, drawing on the walls – she’s a beautiful girl.”

The father says he is fighting for changes to be made in the law to protect children like Evie. This is where I disagree: the state cannot be trusted much of the time to perform this function in the community and snatch children from parents.

One can see the incompetence in the state performing this role, as people like this abusive mother are allowed to get away, and people who cure their children’s illness with cannabis oil like Cini Walker of Australia end up with their children taken away instead.

More laws will not protect children, a strong community of good people will. A culture of empathy and good parenting will protect children.