Young Man Who Went Viral For His Photo Is Missing After His Parents And Siblings Were Found Dead

In Portland, Oregon, Devonte Hart touched the hearts of many after he gained national attention when a photo of him hugging a police officer went viral during a traumatic time. At the time, he was 12 years old and as tears streamed down his face, Devonte tightly hugged a Caucasian police officer. The photo was captured during a Black Lives Matter protest as the world was outraged over police brutality. During that rally, Hart was holding a sign that said “free hugs” and the officer asked him for one. Devonte kindly obliged.

What the world didn’t know is that Devonte often cried out for help as he was treated unkindly by his adopted parents. Devonte Hart was the adoptive son of married lesbian couple, Jennifer and Sarah Hart. Both Jennifer and Sarah Hart were recently killed in a car crash along with 3 of Devonte’s siblings. Now, police officers are looking for him and they are praying that he is found alive.

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